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What Are Wispy Lashes?

Wispy lashes have emerged as the trendiest option owing to their airy and ethereal appearance, exuding an exceptionally authentic vibe. These lashes are especially perfect for those seeking a dramatic makeup look accentuated by standout eyelashes.

There are several methods to achieve wispy lashes. Aside from using self adhesive false eyelashes to create the effect, the most effective methods are eyelash extensions and Individual eyelashes at home. (Eyelashes last longer)

Wispy lashes with noticeable spikes are achieved by combining individual lashes or closed fans, alongside eyelash extensions fans of varying lengths and curls, giving rise to wispy eyelash extensions.

A pretty lady with wispy lashes.

How to Create Wispy Lashes?

Mapping is essential! And for those working as a lash artist, they know it's not an easy job and requires a lot of practice and commitment.

There are three methods to create wispy eyelashes: employing classic lashes of varying lengths, utilizing volume lashes, or opting for hybrid lashes that blend both styles.

The main difficulty lies in figuring out the right size and position of spikes to achieve a harmonious look of the eyelashes. Moreover, it is crucial to evaluate the strength of your client's lashes to support the weight and then create a design that suits the shape of their eyes.

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We distinguish Wispy eyelash extensions in two different layers

First Layer – Spikes

The spikes are slightly longer, measuring 2-3 mm more than the primary layer. They can be formed into either closed fans, producing a delicate voluminous look, or separate lashes, commonly used for wispy classic and hybrid lash styles. On average, there are approximately 7-10 spikes per eye. To guarantee long-lasting results, lash technicians frequently arrange two separate lashes or closed lash fans nearby, creating a spike-like effect. This clever technique ensures that if the client accidentally loses one lash extension, the neighboring one can seamlessly fill the resulting gap.

Based on the customer's eye shape, lash technicians select individual lashes that vary in length from 8mm to 20mm. These lashes have a thickness of 0.07 – 0.10 mm and come in curls such as C, CC, or D.

Second Layer – Fans

This particular tier is skillfully created by employing 2-6D fans, commonly known as volume lashes. These specialized lashes are carefully attached to fill in the spaces between each lash, resulting in a heightened level of fullness and thickness. Lash experts usually opt for fans ranging from 7mm to 14mm in size, with an ultra-fine diameter of 0.03-0.05mm. These fans are offered in either C or D curls for customization.

wispy lashes map

What other lashes do Wispy lashes work with?

There are three different styles of wispy lashes for you to choose from, or you can ask your lash artist to make a recommendation.

  • Wispy classic lashes
  • Wispy volume lashes
  • Wispy hybrid lashes

The Wispy classic lashes are crafted using a method that combines individual lash extensions of different lengths. These lashes have a light and fragile look, resembling feathers, while also extending your natural lashes. This specific style not only enhances length but also adds a hint of fullness, making it a perfect option for those seeking more noticeable classic lashes.

wispy classic lashes

To create delicate and wispy volume lashes, a combination of 2-6 lash extensions is skillfully blended. The pointed spikes are meticulously crafted using closed fans, whereas the strategic placement of 2D to 6D fans in between serves to amplify the density and deliver an added boost of volume.


wispy volume lashes


These two methods are merged to produce wispy hybrid lashes. Delicate spikes are crafted using individual lash extensions, while the volume lash extensions are utilized to form fans that are strategically placed in between.

wispy hybrid lashes

How many types of Wispy Eyelash Extensions are there?

Cat Eye Wispy Lashes

To attain the desired look, lash technicians will start by meticulously attaching shorter lash extensions towards the innermost part of the eye, gradually moving towards longer extensions on the outermost corner.

This particular method works exceptionally well for individuals with round-shaped eyes as it creates the illusion of elongation and imparts an elegant lift to the eyes. Furthermore, it amplifies femininity and adds a touch of drama to one's eyes.


Doll Effect Wispy Lashes

To achieve the doll-effect lashes, lash technicians usually apply longer lashes in the center of the lash line, while shorter lashes are placed on the outer and inner corners of the eyes.

Traditionally, lash technicians would choose 10, 8, and 9 mm lashes for the corneas, followed by 12 mm lashes, and lastly, 11 mm lashes near the inner corner.

wispy lashes doll eyes

This particular lash style is perfect for those with almond-shaped, hooded, or even monolid eyes, as it can bring a refreshing and captivating effect to the face, creating a more youthful and open look.

Choose this style if you want to enhance the volume and size of your eyes, giving them a more pronounced and captivating appearance.

Kim K Wispy Lashes

The Kim K lash style, inspired by Kim Kardashian, is currently the trendiest and most desired wispy lash style. The exciting part is that it can be customized to complement any eye shape.

To achieve this captivating look, your lash technician will expertly place lash fans of varying lengths. They will start with 7, 8, and 9 mm lengths in the inner corner of your eyes. Progressing towards the center, they will incorporate 11 mm fans, and for the outer corners, 10 mm long fans will be delicately

Kim K Wispy Lashes

Typically, the spikes located near the inner corner of the eye are 1 mm longer than the adjacent fans, whereas the spikes, in general, are 2 mm longer than the fans.

To avoid any noticeable gaps when a lash extension is lost, your lash technician will strategically position several spikes of similar lengths nearby.

For a more dramatic and eye-catching look, lash technicians usually apply 7 to 10 spikes or even more per eye.

How to Care for Wispy Eyelash Extensions?

Delicate wispy lash extensions require extra care and attention, which can be difficult to maintain. Nevertheless, if you wish to maintain the high quality and extend the lifespan of your wispy lash extensions, it is vital to handle them with extreme caution.

Here are a few crucial aftercare tips to keep in mind after applying wispy eyelash extensions:

  1. To ensure the longevity of your eyelash extensions, it is advisable to refrain from exposing them to water for a minimum of 24-48 hours following the procedure. The adhesive used can be compromised by water, which may result in premature shedding of the extensions.
  2. While cleansing your face, it is important to handle your eyelashes with care. Avoid any vigorous rubbing or pulling motions that may damage the extensions. Instead, opt for a gentle, oil-free cleanser and delicately pat dry your face, making sure to steer clear of the eye region.
  3. It is advisable to steer clear of oil-based products when it comes to your eyelashes since they have the potential to weaken the adhesive. Instead, opt for makeup removers, cleansers, and oil-free skincare products.
  4. It is important to refrain from applying mascara directly onto your eyelash extensions as it can cause clumping and harm the lashes. If you desire to enhance your appearance, contemplate using a water-based mascara that is safe for extensions, solely on the tips.
  5. To prevent your eyelashes from rubbing against the pillow, it is advised to refrain from sleeping on your stomach or side. Maintaining the integrity of the extensions is best achieved by sleeping on your back.
  6. Using an eyelash curler on your extensions is strongly discouraged as it can lead to breakage and potential damage. Since the extensions are already curled, there is no necessity for any further curling.
  7. To prevent excessive heat exposure, such as in saunas or steam rooms, which may result in adhesive weakening and the extensions falling off, it is advisable to refrain from such environments.
  8. In case you experience any irritation, redness, or discomfort, it is crucial to promptly reach out to your lash technician. They possess the expertise to evaluate the situation and offer appropriate guidance on the next steps to take.

By adhering to these post-treatment guidelines, you can guarantee the durability and aesthetics of your wispy eyelash extensions.

A girl with eyelash extensions wearing classic wispy lashes.

Gentle Reminder: If you'd like to remove your wispy eyelash extensions, please contact your lash artist and arrange a lash removal appointment. Remember, it's important to refrain from pulling them out on your own.

How long do the Wispy eyelash extensions probably last?

Bear in mind that the longevity of your lash extensions depends on the caliber and strength of your lashes. Furthermore, it is affected by the growth phase your natural lashes are in when the extensions are applied.

In general, delicate eyelash extensions usually maintain their allure for around 2 to 3 weeks after the initial application. Afterward, within a timeframe of 3 to 4 weeks, approximately half of your lash extensions might start to fall off. By the time 4 to 6 weeks have passed, it is expected that all of your lash extensions will have completely come off.

As a result, lash technicians highly recommend booking a lash infill appointment within 3 to 4 weeks to maintain the captivating appeal of your wispy lash extensions and bring them back to their previous splendor.

Do eyelash extensions harm your natural lashes?

When used properly and with adequate upkeep and follow-up care, eyelash extensions typically do not cause any damage to your natural lashes.

If you want to achieve a wispy look with your eyelash extensions, it is recommended to visit a salon that prides itself on having highly trained and certified lash technicians who have the required knowledge and skills to apply the extensions and utilize the appropriate techniques to create a breathtaking set of eyelashes.

If you neglect to follow these instructions, there is a chance that your natural eyelashes could be damaged. If an unskilled lash technician uses low-quality materials or applies too many extensions, it may lead to the deterioration of your real lashes and cause them to shed prematurely.

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Eyelash technician preparing eyelash extensions

Are wispy eyelash extensions right for you?

Fluffy eyelash extensions are perfect for those who desire full and noticeable lashes that exude self-assurance regardless of the situation or location.

After mastering this freestyle method, you can achieve a luxurious, lightweight, and textured look by seamlessly mixing lash extensions of varying lengths.

Nevertheless, considering the wide range of wispy eyelash extensions in the market, it is recommended to seek advice from a trusted lash artist regarding the ideal wispy lash design and style that complements your eye shape and achieves the desired result.

By doing so, you can customize your wispy lashes and enhance the overall outcome to its fullest potential!

Side shot of wispy lashes

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