False Eyelashes: How to Use False Eyelashes Correctly

False eyelashes have been in existence for quite a while now - I've been incorporating them into my beauty routine for more than ten years. Despite the numerous advancements introduced by the industry, such as individual lashes, magnetic lashes, and DIY lashes, false eyelashes continue to hold a special position in my collection, particularly for specific events.


What Are False Strip Lashes?

Individual fibers are joined together to create strip lashes, which are false lashes that can be easily applied. These lashes are designed to stick to the skin of the eyelid, precisely along the lash line, using a specially formulated adhesive. By using false eyelashes, one can enhance the appearance of their eyes, giving the illusion of naturally longer and thicker lashes.



What Are False Strip Lashes Made Of?

Strip lashes are commonly crafted from a synthetic substance known as PBT, which stands for polybutylene terephthalate. This material is widely utilized in the production of numerous lash extensions available in the market. Although it is plausible to acquire strip lashes made from authentic human hair or mink hair, such options are exceedingly rare. These natural fibers pose greater difficulty in handling and do not possess the same longevity as their synthetic counterparts.


The lash strap used to secure the fake eyelashes is typically crafted from cotton that has been dyed black or a transparent synthetic material. In contrast, less expensive lash straps may be constructed from plastic, compromising their flexibility.


How to Apply False Strip Lashes?

Remember to apply them after your makeup routine, after you have already put on your eyeshadow but before your mascara! Mascara is the final step in effortlessly blending your lashes with false eyelashes.


Here are the essential steps to apply strip lashes:

  1. Carefully extract the strip lashes from their container. Many producers tend to apply a thin layer of adhesive to the lash band, ensuring that the false lashes adhere to the tray. I prefer using my thumb to delicately detach them from the tray. The crucial aspect is to cover a larger surface area of the faux lashes with your thumb, allowing the pulling force to be evenly distributed across the entire band, rather than focusing on just a few lashes. This technique helps prevent any potential damage.
  2. Remove the remaining adhesive from the lash strip by gently peeling it off with your fingertips.
  3. Gently use your fingers to curve the lash band inward, ensuring it becomes more flexible and aligns perfectly with the curvature of your lash line.
  4. Next, position the faux eyelashes along your lash line, ensuring they are positioned slightly above your real lashes. This step is crucial as it helps you visualize the desired placement and determine the ideal angle for the lashes. You'll likely that you'll notice the lashes are slightly longer than your natural lash line.
  5. Trim the eyelashes to ensure a more comfortable fit along your lash line. Achieve this by cutting off a few clusters from the outer edge of the strip lash, avoiding any trimming from the inner corner. The artificial lashes in the inner corner are intentionally shorter, matching the length of your natural lashes. Trimming from the inner corner would result in overly long and thick false lashes on your naturally short and thin inner corner lashes.
  6. Double-check the positioning, ensuring that the lashes align comfortably with the inner corner of your eye.
  7. Apply a thin and even layer of adhesive along the lash band, ensuring its uniformity. I prefer using blunt tweezers to apply the lash glue. I do not advise directly squeezing the glue out from the tube as it becomes challenging to control the quantity of glue applied.
  8. Wait for the glue to reach a tacky consistency, which typically takes around 30 seconds to 2 minutes, although it may vary depending on the brand. Based on my personal experience, this is the primary cause of failure when applying strip lashes. Attempting to attach them when the adhesive is still too wet will result in the band slipping and being unable to secure it in the desired position. Conversely, if the glue is too dry, it will not hold the lashes in place. Therefore, achieving the ideal level of tackiness requires some practice.
  9. Once the adhesive becomes tacky, delicately affix the false eyelashes in a manner that ensures they adhere to the skin along the root of your lash line, as opposed to your actual lashes. This principle is crucial. It is imperative to avoid burdening your natural eyelashes with the weight of the strip lashes. This practice undoubtedly leads to harm to your eyelashes. Instead, the skin on your eyelids should bear the load.
  10. If necessary, readjust the positioning of your eyelashes and firmly press them onto your eyelids using your fingertips to ensure a secure attachment.
  11. Once you are sure that your eyelashes are firmly glued, seamlessly blend them with you natural lashes. This can be achieved by gently pressing your lashes and the false ones together using your fingers or with the assistance of a pair of tweezers. Additionally, I prefer to enhance the blend by applying mascara, although bear in mind that it may make the process of cleaning your false lashes slightly more challenging.
  12. If needed, apply black eyeliner to meticulously blend the lash band with your natural lash line and the rest of your makeup. In case you have darker eye makeup, you can use the liner to conceal a transparent lash band, or simply apply it to the edges to seamlessly merge with a black lash strip.


How Long Do False Strip Lashes Last?

While there may be advice available online suggesting that you can wear false eyelashes for multiple days, I strongly advise against it. It is recommended to remove strip lashes after one day of application.

Keeping them in place for a longer duration is a surefire way to cause damage to your lashes, irritation, and even potentially lead to eye infections. To ensure the well-being of your eyes, it is important to treat strip lashes just like any other makeup product and remove them at the end of the day.

That being said, you can use them multiple times. With proper maintenance and cleaning, a single set of false eyelashes can be worn multiple times. The longevity of the lashes depends on their quality and durability, as higher-quality lashes can withstand more uses.

Some brands assert that their eyelashes can be reused up to 25 times, however, I would advise against using them for more than 10 times. I believe that the potential hazards outweigh the benefits of saving a few dollars, especially considering that most false eyelashes are reasonably priced.


Do False Strip Lashes Damage Real Lashes?

Indeed, strip lashes have the potential to harm your natural lashes, particularly if they are applied or removed incorrectly. Nonetheless, if you are diligent and cautious, they should not pose any significant risk.

Be sure to cleanse and sanitize your strip lashes after each use to prevent the introduction of bacteria or other harmful microorganisms near your eyes. Failing to do so may result in potential eye infections or irritations.

It is advisable to perform a patch test on the adhesive you intend to use, as allergies to adhesives (both latex and latex-free) are quite prevalent. To conduct the test, I typically apply a small amount of glue on the back of my hand and wait for a few minutes. Any allergic reaction would become apparent through the response of your skin.

When it comes to removing the false lashes, simply peeling them off is not advisable as it can result in the unintentional removal of your natural lashes. Instead, utilize a makeup remover to dissolve the lash glue, enabling the strip lashes to be removed with greater ease.


Are False Strip Lashes Better Than Lash Extensions?

Strip lashes and lash extensions are not comparable as they serve distinct purposes and offer unique benefits.

Strip lashes are similar to other cosmetic products that are applied in the morning and removed at night. On the other hand, lash extensions are a professional treatment with a potential lifespan of up to 4 weeks. By scheduling touch-up appointments, you can maintain your extensions for an indefinite period.

If you are seeking long-lasting outcomes with minimal daily hassle, lash extensions are the superior option. They can be tailored to your preferences and ensure you maintain an incredible appearance every day.

Applying extensive eye makeup can be quite inconvenient when you have lash extensions as you need to steer clear of greasy and waterproof products. As a result, numerous women prefer lash extensions to elevate their eye appearance effortlessly, eliminating the need for makeup.

On the contrary, strip lashes are ideal for individuals who prefer to alter their makeup daily or those who occasionally desire a more extravagant appearance. Although they demand additional effort in daily maintenance, they provide greater flexibility and can be paired with any makeup product.


Pros and Cons 

Still not sure if you want to give false eyelashes a try? Here's a brief yet comprehensive overview of their advantages and disadvantages, which can assist you in making a decision.


  • Fast. Instantly achieve voluminous and extended lashes in a matter of minutes.
  • Convenient. You can easily apply them at home on your own.
  • Versatile. Discover countless options to suit any mood, eye shape, or occasion.
  • Apply them on a whim and effortlessly transform your appearance daily.
  • Reusable. With proper cleaning and maintenance, strip lashes can be reused for up to 10 applications.
  • available in the market. Although there are costly strip lashes out there, there is a wide range of reasonably priced alternatives that offer excellent quality.
  • Blendable. Strip lashes tend to seamlessly merge with the natural lash line, particularly when opting for lashes that feature a delicate and pliable band.
  • Gorgeous. Strip lashes complement any type of makeup and enhance the appearance when paired with bold and dramatic makeup looks.



  • Provisional. They're not optimal if you desire a long-lasting appearance.
  • Not easy to apply. You’ll need to practice.
  • Removing can feel strange and uncomfortable. It is important to use makeup remover and be cautious not to accidentally remove your lashes.
  • Damage. Incorrect removal techniques can harm your lash line. Likewise, an incorrect application method that places the burden of the false lashes on the natural lashes rather than the eyelid can also result in damage.
  • Some people are not used to wearing false eyelashes
  • Adhesive allergies can pose a challenge.


Best False Strip Lashes

If you're interested in expanding your strip lash collection, I've compiled a list of my personal favorite lashes, and the following lashes work without glue:


Cat Eye Lashes

Cat eye lashes have become a must-have accessory for those who want to enhance their eye makeup and create a glamorous look. Whether you're attending a special event or simply want to add a touch of glamor to your everyday look, these lashes are the way to go.

 lashsoul cat eye lashes

3D Luxury Lashes

These 3D Luxury Lashes are made of premium synthetic materials for a lightweight yet voluminous look. Reusable up to 10 times, they come in a variety of styles to suit any occasion. Let your eyes do the talking with these high-quality lashes.

 LASHSOUL 3D Luxury Lashes

Russian Strip Lashes

The advantage of these Russian Lashes is that they require no glue and are easy to apply, which means you can have beautiful lashes in just a few seconds. Unlike traditional Russian strip lashes, they can be worn multiple times, which them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for lash enthusiasts.

 Lashsoul Russian strip lashes

Final Thoughts

Strip lashes have earned their rightful spot in the realm of eyelashes! They provide endless amusement and allow for effortless transformations, perfect for those who crave variety in their appearance. While the application process may not be entirely trouble-free, it is by no means overwhelmingly challenging.


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